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The only down side to most canned foods is the quality of ingredients and the volume of synthetic vitamins and ingredients that go into them. Raw diets are really designed to get the nutrition from real food ingredients — easy to digest. Our gently cooked food is natural without the addition of a lot of synthetic ingredients.

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We do have sample packs available online for our raw and cooked foods. We usually pay for the 2Day shipping upgrade since it is hard to keep the food frozen in that small quantity. As I mentioned previously I found the chemical composition of a mouse and tried to copy that as best I could. Yeah — little far out there, but no one has really asked them what it is they want so I though I would!

Our foods are not labeled complete and balanced because we have never subjected them to the full AAFCO testing process. Again — long time in the industry and worked for several veterinary clinics over the years. They were created when kibble and canned food diets came into being so were never really designed for fresh food, which the body can digest and assimilate much more easily.

What I do check — protein levels; fat content, Calcium:Phosphorus levels, Taurine levels and work to get the minimum acceptable levels of the fat soluble vitamins in the food. I am a huge advocate of not only rotating proteins in your cats diet — but rotate companies!! Yes — rotate companies!! Yes — it is a great list to be on.

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Susan Thixton is the pit bull of the pet world. If you are not familiar with her work please check it out at www. It is really hard to be a small company in this industry — most people do not understand the process and what it takes to produce food and how much money it takes to get it distributed on a larger scale. We are actually happy to remain a smaller company and produce a higher quality product.

Susan sends out questions — tough questions every year to a lot of different companies and then puts together her list for consumers. You may leave a comment about the post, reply to existing comments, or both. What an amazing and incredible woman Amy is! She is really building a great company with fabulous products to promote the best possible pet health!

Will have to go check out her products online! They are way too price for our budget right now but I am always fascinated by the raw food options. Of course, Miss PSB is way to stubborn and set in her ways to change up her diet again but you never know. It could happen in the future! I wish mine would eat raw without a struggle — Amy told me she had an older cat that took over 1 year to transition….

She obviously has tons of patience and determination. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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