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P&O Mini Cruise from Hull . your helpful advice, we are booked now departing Hull on 10 November, plus a further 10% with a discount code (even better!).

Summertime is traditionally party time. The sunshine provides the perfect setting for weddings, family reunions, corporate retreats, team building, holiday gatherings for the 4th, and more! As summer approaches, the days are getting longer and people are staying out later, soaking up the daylight well into the evening. Summertime is primetime for:. Creating gifts and party favors is also an opportunity to get creative! Do you love hiking in the woods? Take an Instagram selfie with a waterfall in the background for a coaster image.

Wedding planning is also a time to be practical while having fun with it. Hosting a reception at the beach? Get flip flops in your wedding colors!

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Family reunions are a great time to create momentos you can give to your family members to honor their heritage and feel part of a larger family. T-shirts and mugs with your family surname and date of the event make the day extra special for everyone.

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You can hold each other closer to home until your next reunion! Personalized items are perfect for reunions because it gives each family member a piece of history. This can encourage younger members of the family to ask questions and inquire about their ancestry. Did your grandparents emigrate from Ireland?

Add a plaid background or a shamrock to surround your last name on a ceramic mug. Did your ancestors pack their bags in Poland? Make the flag the background of a banner featuring the family name.

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Moved from Mexico? We have almost every color to choose from seen by the human eye. Select bright cheery colors traditionally painted on house walls to give your tote bags a background color reminiscent of home. Tell your team you care by giving them a momento at the extended weekend. Supply items that will come in handy during the retreat and at the office. Meeting in a cabin in the woods? Distribute hand sanitizer, flashlights, and water bottles.

This keeps everyone in a good mood. Summertime is the perfect time to plan a picnic and outdoor activities for your employees. Which team-building activities do you have planned? Playing Frisbee or golf? Give your employees a customized Frisbee and golf ball to take home. Gifts and party favors can add liveliness and convenience!

Keep your beverages cold with a foam drink insulator. Have another idea for a customized gift or party favor? Chances are we can accommodate here at T. Give us a call and let us know what you have in mind. R McTaggart provides a host of customized gifts and apparel for all of your summer event needs. Additionally, we offer eco-friendly options!

Thinking ahead shows you care about your friends, family, and employees. Hosting a great summertime event is a manageable task. With a little pre-planning you can have customized gifts and party favors from T. McTaggart to celebrate the summer with a personal touch. Hosting a great summertime event is exciting but can be stressful. But our staff is here to help make it easy! Contact Us today or call us at McTaggart, no job is too big or too small. We look forward to helping make your summertime event special and a day to remember!

Take your branding to the next level with a branded work uniform! The benefits of outfitting your crew with a branded work uniform cannot be overstated. Brand exposure is vital. Its methodologies show that top brands are worth millions. See the Interbrand list for all OK, so it might take a lot more than branded work uniforms for your company to beat out Apple for the 1 spot in But branded work uniforms are a huge start. And smart. Take a cue from some of these top companies. Coca-Cola, Disney, Nike, Pepsi, and others have taken things a step further and have gotten the general public to, in a way, wear branded work uniforms too!

Nike swishes assert themselves on T-shirts, shorts, hats, and shoes as not just a label, but as an integration of the logo into the design of the clothing. Mickey Mouse is the most recognized brand and Disney made 14 on the list of top brand worth.


Not too shabby! Every bit helps. Before you order those branded work uniforms, however, first take stock of the other modes of advertising your company uses. Advertising must be used consistently across channels. This ensures branding avoids customer confusion about who you are and what you sell. So when your employees are out and about wearing branded work uniforms, they would only have to be seen wearing the garment 5 to 7 times by a potential customer to make a brand impression!

If you build your brand, the sales will come! You have to keep your audience; that means maintaining a strong relationship with it. You guessed it! Branded work uniforms. The public views advertisements on apparel and accessories worn by actual people as more trustworthy. After all, the message is being delivered by a real person, not an actor or slick print ad. Brands that present themselves in a consistent way are 3 to 4 times more likely to establish brand visibility. Try to check as many boxes as possible when strategizing for your brand.

We offer a wide variety of quality brands to choose from. Contact us to find out how we can accommodate your brand needs. We provide stylish and durable branded work apparel to help take your branding to the next level. What: Leadership conference featuring backyard bird feeding products and focused on improving vendor knowledge about available technology that will help improve outreach and overall product sales. For shop owners, especially business owners of gift and resort shops, creating an effective product display can be the catalyst for an increase in sales.

Utilizing these smart product display tips that work will help your items fly off the shelves — or racks —before you have time to restock! How are they experiencing it? How will they come across your displays? Think about how the display relates to and reacts to traffic flow to ensure you are placing key items where customers are sure to see them. This is a typical layout for grocery stores and dollar stores because it most efficiently uses every square inch of space. Add displays at the end of the aisles, called the endcaps. Angular floor plans use space less efficiently than straight floor plans, but the space is more aesthetically pleasing.

While grocery stores are functional and use a straight layout, fashion is more about style and so the space supports this value. Place featured displays in areas that people are funneled to based on your layout. Shelving is set up to create a loop for customers to walk through. Think of a museum exhibit. Loop floor plans use the space the least efficiently but it feels luxurious walking through the space. No one has to worry about knocking over breakables in a store packed to the brim. Your products are also the most visible to customers. While there are exceptions, most people tend to turn right when they walk into a store.

Knowing this, you will want to make an effective product display to catch their eyes as they walk away from the entrance into the space. First you need customers to see them! This is why it is important to design your floor plan to create an easy flow throughout the store to draw customers to your displays. Choosing a theme is satisfying because it ties things together. Think of curating effective product displays like a fashion show of product vignettes rather than outfits in a collection although they might also be outfits! Think in threes.

An effective product display keeps the customer looking at products. Your visitors will buy other products and perhaps buy the display next time! An effective product display puts like or complimentary items together. For example, you could set up a kitchen display with coffee, tea, cloth napkins, and cups and saucers. A display featuring items that go together can makes purchasing everything they need easy for customers.

Arrange apparel from lightest to darkest, and smallest to largest. Keep extra stock close at hand so you can quickly replenish stock if a size runs out in your display. Anything that can aid customers in picturing themselves using the product or having it in their homes is helpful. It convinces them that they will enjoy eating the salsa or wearing the sweater.

Perhaps a mannequin displays a swimsuit and there are sandals sitting on top of sand and seashells. Customers can picture what the apparel looks like when worn and the real sand links fantasy to reality. Shoppers are more likely to purchase items — and pay more for them — if someone is modeling the clothing, rather than just looking at a stack of T-shirts on a table — even if they are perfectly board folded.

Have your employees become a walking, effective product display! Timely holiday music also inspires and invigorates shoppers. Planning effective product displays is your chance to get creative. Tap into it! You should change displays every month. And you want to highlight new merchandise. A window display also indicates to passers-by that you have new inventory — and that they should check it out!

Instead of hitting the highway, take the back roads and stop by small towns. You can also check out trade magazines or Pinterest to get ideas. If you have a print or digital ad campaign, marry your store displays with it. Customers want a consistent experience across your brand. So, give it to them! Your brand should tell a story.

Each display is a chapter in the book! If you have fun making a whimsical display, it will show to your customers. While selling strategy is important, behind the message needs to be a quality product. If you convince customers your shirts are high quality but they go through the wash only to look threadbare, clients are not going to become return clients! McTaggart provides products that your patrons are sure to love and quality you can trust will bring them back. McTaggart has expertise in providing retailers nationwide with quality apparel and products that sell.

Use these product display tips that work and see where your results take you. Happy selling and we look forward to working with you! You might even step out of your comfort zone and try something new with your business. But what are the retail events you should attend?

There are plenty of great conferences that every retailer should attend. This year is the best year as any to attend a conference that can help improve your bottom line. After all, why not start increasing your profits today? Running a business takes more than providing excellent customer service or the highest-quality products. Though this is helpful!

You also need to keep up to date with trends in the retail industry, reach out to your peers, and always strive to learn something new to improve your business. Keep abreast of the hard challenges and new opportunities by attending a retail conference. While it might seem frivolous to take time off with looming deadlines and a seemingly endless flow of work, conferences can pay off big time in terms of what you gain.

So, stay current by packing a suitcase and having a willingness to meet new people and try something new! There are so many conferences and so many seminar topics to choose from. Are you interested in technology? Digital strategy?

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OK, not exactly. But go to the conference with a smile and bring a genuine interest in meeting people and learning about new developments in the industry. Conferences are the perfect place to network. So, take advantage of this opportunity! What: A business and recreation expo featuring what Higgins Lake, Roscommon, and surrounding communities have to offer.

What: The largest show of its kind. This show offers a selection of products that will help your shop stand out among the competition. Thousands of lines of souvenirs and resort products all under one roof! What: Trade show style event that provides area businesses, non-profits, and civic clubs an opportunity to present what they do and why. Businesses can display and sell products and explain services; non-profit organizations will have the opportunity to present their mission and describe their target population; and civic clubs can explain their goals, challenges, and needs to the community.

What: This annual trade show and networking event offers local businesses and the community the chance to see the latest and greatest in the Mt. Pleasant Area market place. The Expo is designed to be a fun community event that provides highly interactive exhibitor booths featuring demonstrations, free samples, games, prizes, items for sale, and other engaging activities! What: This conference geared toward HR Professionals offers educational sessions designated to provide practical and applicable information to help you be successful.

Attendees can expect to be challenged and inspired by what the conference has to offer. What: Networking event that features over 70 local businesses. Attendees learn about products and services offered and have the opportunity foster lasting relationships with other businesses within the community. What: T. McTaggart is a proud partner with the Special Olympics. Please contact Irene Jantz for upcoming event information and how you can become involved with this great organization. With many opportunities for networking, many past attendees have created long-lasting relationships while finding new suppliers exhibiting at the show.

This event features over 70 exhibitor booths and more than 1, people attending. This exciting expo includes great food, networking, music, business exhibits, and more! What: An event that brings together recreation, park, and leisure services professionals for networking opportunities, exhibits, music, food, and fun! The team at T. Mctaggart wishes you a safe trip and happy learning for all the events you attend!

Enjoy a change of pace while learning invaluable information. Remember to make the most out of your experience, meet new people, make connections that will benefit your business, and have fun! If you are interested in attending a conference, but want information or advice about which conferences may best benefit your business, contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly sales reps for the A Time of Reflection The significance of a 50 th anniversary is a time looking back and looking ahead. A Brief History of T. McTaggart In celebrating our 50th anniversary, we would like to highlight some key points in our proud history.

Hard work and a dream Lyle was dedicated to the hard work it takes to start a business, most of all because he had a family to support. McTaggart got its name! McTaggart lightens up! We are always looking to grow our offerings to our customers and serve them in even more ways. Unique to T. McTaggart In , T. Today: The Here and Now That brings us to the present day. We are proud of our history and plan to continue serving you for years to come! Contact Us Have a project where you need a trustworthy and reliable partner? Working Smarter, Not Harder As a booster club your number one priority is raising money for the group or team you are supporting.

How Does It Work? A: Social media! How to increase sales on your custom online shop: These tips based on advice by Shopify and the Social Media Examiner are sure to boost business! Post it frequently. There is an optimal frequency of posting for each social platform; but all of it is frequent — so get typing! Get good social reviews Trust is paramount. Create micro content for social feeds Most people browse in between tasks. Grouping content into bite-sized chunks makes going from content to sales more likely.

Host a Twitter chat with your audience Engagement is important.

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Coaching a basketball team? Host an event where you talk about new strategies in the sport, industry trends, etc. Get people as excited about it as you are! Be active on appropriate hashtags Hashtags make it easier for people to engage in a conversation and for you to reach a larger audience. Discount applies to card holders check. Not valid with bars, drinks or other discounts. Excludes clearance items. One free appetizer and free chips and salsa for every group of 10 people. Buy one admission ticket at regular price and receive one additional, at equal or lesser value, for free. This deal is available for use once per single transaction.

Available only for first time guests. Receive a complementary Intercultural Effectiveness Evaluation no purchase necessary. Dine-in only. Start at home and wake up at the gates of Disney World! Jitterbug offers a unique door-to-door transportation service in a celebrity coach. Designed for families and larger groups, the coach offers unmatched comfort and effortless vacations. Your special trip is worth it. Our prices are a fraction of comparable celebrity coach experiences.

Cabin up to 5 guests. Visit our website for a free estimate. Offer not available on holidays or to be included with any other offers. Buy 5 Pops, Get 1 Free at Ballantyne locations only. View King of Pops' schedule in Ballantyne. Does not include Taco Tuesday offer.

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Offer not available on sale items and cannot be combined with other offers. Discounts not valid with any other promotion or series. Discounts not valid with purchasing gift cards. Cannot be combined with other discounts. This includes Personal Training packages, individual Dietitian consults, nutrition classes and group therapy with our mental health professional. First time in for a session is FREE. Contact nbncharlottecatering gmail. Free dessert with lunch every Monday from 11 a. Valid at the Ballantyne Village location.

Color Copies 17 cents each, any quantity customer pick up only. Please provide a PDF. Color Copies Excluding Friday and Saturday. Discount Cannot be clubbed with any other offers. Services include fitness training, athletic performance training, leadership coaching, shared workplace and event venue rental.

Valid Monday — Friday, 7 a. Excludes online and mobile app ordering. Excludes catering orders, kids meals and Pick a Pair menu items. Need not be a patient, must present card at checkout. Free non-medical OB ultrasound for keepsake photos of your baby. Redeemable at weeks. Receive half off our application and administration fees with your BCP Card. One per location. Discount will only be applied to the Plans listed here and cannot be applied to legal fees associated with the preparation of individual documents, outside of the Plan listed. Pricing adjustments are also available for qualifying household income.

This offer may not be combined with any other discounts. Spiffy provides mobile on site car wash and detailing services throughout Charlotte. All of our technicians are fully background checked, every service is guaranteed and we are authorized to operate in Ballantyne Corporate Park. Be sure to use the code: BCP Not combinable with other offers, promotions or discounts, limit one per person. Valid at Sports Connection Ballantyne and Northlake. We know you're working hard for your family and to build a legacy.

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We can help you protect both. Receive a complimentary "Your Legacy. Purchase any new in stock vehicle for preferred pricing. Available at Other Charlotte Locations. Enjoy 1 free glazed donut on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during the months of August and September. At Surreal Body Solutions we accommodate all your fitness needs.

With over 30 years of combined experience, no fitness challenge is a challenge we can't conquer. From young to old, we can help you! Give us a call for a free week trial at Valid on food only. Dine-in Only. Not valid with any other offer. BCP Card must be present at checkout. Offer valid at TDD Ballantyne location only. Excludes Dip Powder Manicures. Receive your first full month rent free and half off application and administrative fees.

Pricing varies per type of event. Please call to discuss. Ask about our referral program for additional savings. Receive delivery at home or work throughout the Charlotte area. Serene surroundings, front-door access to docks and trails, to kayaking routes and fishing voyages, all combine to offer a modern take on urban waterfront living. Includes consultation, evaluation, and first adjustment. Jones tijuanaflats. Valid for lunch buffet only. Not valid on weekends or holidays. Limit one per person per visit. Minimum charges may apply.

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Contact todd truepizza. BCP Card accepted at all greater Charlotte area locations. Ride departing Ballantyne Corporate Park. Redeem by following the steps below: 1. Download TaxiMagic on your Smartphone 2. Register with your credit card 3. Discounts not valid with any other promotion. NC Law prohibits discounts on alcoholic beverages. Sign up to receive monthly Ballantyne news, promotions and upcoming events. View the latest newsletter here. Show Your Card and Save! Ballantyne tenants can enjoy discounts at more than area businesses!

Monday - Wednesday only. Charlotte, NC. Delaney Drive Charlotte, NC Ballantyne Family Dental Free whitening to every new patient after initial cleaning, exam, X-rays! Community House Rd. Charlotte, NC Must show BCP Card. Tryon Street Charlotte, NC Suite Charlotte, NC